Safe and Effective Hair Removal with Advanced IPL Systems

Traditional hair removing techniques such as shaving, tweezing and waxing to get rid of unwanted hair provide temporary results and are painful, messy or time-consuming. Hair removal by means of IPL laser machines is an option that many people are considering these days. It is one of the most preferred choices in a non-surgical procedure for hair reduction.

While hair removal is most popular among women with virtually all of them aged 12 and over engaging in the practice on a regular basis, IPL laser hair removal for men is ever-increasing, as men seek treatment for areas such as their chests and backs. Tap into this growing market by offering hair removal with IPL laser hair removal machines in your practice, and reap the benefits.

IPL technology is the wave of the future for the aesthetic industry and is the newest discovery that uses proven science to deliver amazing treatments that demonstrate immediate and long lasting results. Moreover, continuous advancements have made unwanted hair removal simple and safe. Science, medicine, and cosmetic groups work together to give patients the best ways to get rid of excess hair. A quality IPL machine gives great results with removing unwanted hair and other skin treatments. So, choosing the right device for your business is critical to your success and ability to provide safe treatments.



In the field of aesthetic devices in Australia, Australian Aesthetic Devices have been immensely involved and providing aesthetic clinics and salons with a competitive advantage by helping drive productivity and efficacy with quality equipment at an affordable cost. This is due to the reason they are backed by a team who is an expert in blending global manufacturing with exceptional Australian engineering and design to produce superior quality machines.

The medical aesthetics field in Australia is constantly growing and changing with new machines hitting the marketplace. Over the past few years, Australian Aesthetic Devices have manufacturers and introduced new innovations that range from faster performance to comfort enhancement. This includes dual light IPL laser hair removal machines, XEN LED, Swift HR and Cyro Slim.

Dual light or dual wave technology is a combination of Radio Frequency (RF) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) energy. This technology combines these two energy types to make hair removal gentler, safer, easier to use and offer wider treatment range as well as enabling faster treatment of larger areas like legs, back and chest.

IPL hair removal technology uses pulses of intense light energy to detect melanin inside hair follicles and target them with heat, disabling the hair follicle and inhibiting re-growth and is a sought after solution for unwanted hair, but has the limitations of treating lighter skin tones and darker hair colours.  On the other hand, RF technology is colour blind that heats up the dermis without selectivity and is ineffective for hair removal. But together, the two technologies work together to produce highly effective hair removal results safe for use on all skin tones.

By introducing this technology and being an informed individual, you can provide best professional services and help the clients receive best results so that they keep coming back for more.


The Many Facets of Employment Law in Australia

Employment law in Australia per se is derived from common law, industrial instruments and legislation enacted from time to time. Most Australian employees come under the ambit of the Fair Work Act 2009 (the FWA) which is complemented by individual State regulations territory legislative schemes as well as overall Federal laws. The scope of these laws is far reaching and covers almost an employee’s entire work environment, ranging from health to safety to non-discrimination among others. 

There is also the Fair Work Commission (the FWC) which determines specific industrial instruments that include modern awardsThese are benchmarks against which a number of employees’ welfare measures and working conditions are measured. Factors under awards such as employment conditions and minimum pay rates help determine if a worker stands to gain in a proposed enterprise agreement. The national minimum wage is fixed by the FWC and is reviewed every year. Employees who are not covered by an award or enterprise agreement are dependent on the contract of employment and other common law principles for fixing their terms and conditions of employment.  

Employment law in Australia is so structured that it generally protects those who have a contract of service as against those who work pursuant to contract for services. There is a very thin dividing line between the two and this difference is evaluated by common law by a multi-indicia test which broadly considers the employment relationships. This dichotomy is often set right by various legislative schemes passed from time to time that looks into the context of work, safety and health. Further, these schemes are based on an expanded definition of “worker” as given in the FWA which ensures protections for independent contractors too.   

The complexities of the employment law in Australia necessitates that employers seek professional advice to ensure that they stay on the right side of the law. Since the laws vary between States, it is recommended that lawyers practising in that State be consulted. For example, business owners in Victoria may get in touch with employment lawyers in Melbourne and so on.

An oft asked question when it comes to employment law in Australia is whether the contract of employment laying down specific terms of employment should compulsorily be in writing. The answer is no, contracts of employment do not necessarily have to be so. The total terms of employment may be partly written and partly oral. However, it is mandatory that on starting on the job, all employees should be provided with a Fair Work Information Statement copy that informs of rights under NES.  

The National Employment Standards (NES) stipulates minimum employment terms and conditions that every employer has to follow. Not doing so goes against the tenets of law and any employee unjustly treated or sacked can contact experienced unfair dismissal lawyers to challenge the act in a labour tribunal or court of law.

The areas covered under the NES broadly relate to minimum weekly hours, leave including annual leave, long leave, parental leave, requests for flexible working arrangements and notice of termination and redundancy pay.

For any issues related to employment law in Australia, contact PB Lawyers, reputed and experienced firm of lawyers dealing with every facet of employment law.  

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How To Get The Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in Australia


Homeowner’s insurance is compulsory in Australia, and most countries in the world. Homeowner’s need to be insured from possible damaged to their property – accidents, fire, storms or even act of terror. Insurance companies realizes the fear of homeowners about the loss of their loved property, and are scrambling hard over each other to offer the best rates and coverage to their potential customers.

However, Australia has been experiencing serious losses on properties over these last few years.


Natural Disasters causes unprecedented damage to the housing market, and the insurance companies have to bear the brunt of claims after claims from the homeowners – their losses have been piling up. As a result, rates on homeowners insurance have been increasing, and insurers are a lot more careful on who to offer their coverage to. Even those who already has coverage found themselves being slapped with a 10-20% increase in premiums when they renew their policy!

With these issues in mind, it will be good to have the cheapest homeowner’s insurance!

Here are a few tips to finding the cheapest coverage:

#1 Find a good agent- Some people believe in doing everything themselves, even when shopping for insurance. Not a good thing to do is you want the cheapest homeowner’s insurance. Get an insurance agent to help you. We would recommend Youi because this company is proven to be one of the best in Australia.
But beware – not all agents are there so serve you. Some will deliberately quote you more expensive insurance plans just so that they make more commissions!  Some agents also have little knowledge about coverage plans, and the exclusions and limitations. Ask around, get referrals from your friends and family members. When meeting these agents, check their credentials and years in the industry. Ask these agents to design and come up with the best coverage for your needs. Then pick one.

#2 Combine policies in hand with one provider – Most often than not, we have more than just one insurance. Auto, homeowners, health, travel etc. Sometimes, by combining all the insurances with one provider, the insurer could provide us with a cheaper quote. Ask your agents if this is possible.

#3 Buy as a team – Moving into a brand new neighborhood? try talking to other new homeowners and see if they are willing to join a ‘bulk purchase’. When 10 houses are looking for homeowner’s insurance, chances are insurers are willing to offer lower rates!

Home insurance concept.

#4 Check for regulations – Different cities have different requirements on homeowner’s insurance. Always check with the regulating departments in the city before signing any insurance plan.

#5 Improve your property – Insurers are more willing to provide cheaper coverage is your neighborhood has low crime, and the property itself is in good shape. Try discussing with the neighbors about setting up night-watches and community police to help control crime, or organize a weekend ‘neighborhood improvement’ session (everybody paints house, build fences, mow lawn, or clean drains). These would also help lowering your homeowner’s insurance as well.

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One Way Travel Insurance


You might have thought that travel insurance can only be purchased for a round trip but that’s not true. There are many insurance providers in the United Kingdom and around the world that can cover you for a one way trip. One way travel insurance is a good way for people leaving the UK for an indefinite period of time or even emigrating to do so in a safe manner.

Travel insurance for one way trips

As the name of this type of policy implies, one way travel insurance will cover the owner of the policy over the period of the trip until he reaches the destination. Once arrived at the final destination the coverage will end. One way travel insurance will cover you until you reach your final destination regardless of the number of stops in between.


There are many types of policies and insurers that offer one way travel insurance so you don’t have to worry about travelling without any coverage. You can also find this type of policy online, so you can book it in advance, and have it by the time you depart on your trip.

One way travel insurance will provide all the coverage you need on your trip, usually providing the exact same amount of coverage as a regular round trip insurance policy. Trip cancellation, medical coverage, baggage loss and all the other usually types of coverage can be found.One way travel insurance is valid for all travelers, of all ages, and usually, kids go free, so you don’t have to worry about high costs if you travel with your entire family. Usually, one way travel insurance policies stop after 24-hours once you have reached the specified destination.

One way travel insurance policies:

Most Australia based insurers will offer their regular insurance policies as one way trip insurance policies so you can benefit from the same level of coverage as you would with a normal policy, but only for an outward trip.

This means you can benefit from special policies such as: business travel insurance, ski insurance, student insurance golf or winter sport insurance as one way policies. Most policies will also include different activities depending on the type of trip you are departing to. Sometimes up to 40 activities may be covered by a one way travel insurance policy.

While one way travel insurance is a convenient way of getting some coverage for a no return trip, there are some conditions that usually go along with one such policy.

Here are some of the conditions of one way trip policies:


  • Coverage is provided only for a single outward trip that starts in the United Kingdom;
  • The policy covers all stops in between the UK and the destination and should extend for a maximum of 8 days, and terminates at the end of a timeframe;
  • One way travel insurance automatically lapses in a 24 hour period once you arrive at the final destination;
  • This type of policy cannot be used for yearlong travels after which the traveler intends to return to the Australia

Finding a good one way travel insurance policy may take up so time and research but you should be able to find one and at a reasonable price. We recommend you find an online insurance comparison site where you can compare different policies from different companies until you find the one that best suits your travel needs.

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Cheap and Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Attractive young couple walking on the beach with a seplane floating in the background
Attractive young couple walking on the beach with a seplane floating in the background

Most travelers associate a cheap travel insurance policy with a bad policy that will not cover them fully and usually skip over them while searching online for quotes. The truth is that you can find cheap but also good travel insurance policies online. Also if an insurer gives you a good price for a travel policy it does not mean it’s bad, it can mean that you qualified for a good price.

As a European traveler you can choose to purchase different types of insurance coverage depending on the destination of choice, the desired level of coverage and the different types of activities you may undertake during your travel. As such there are different types of insurance like regular, comprehensive, winter sports or many more.


Let’s take for example an insurance policy for European traveler, British or otherwise for a period of 17 days in the US. A comprehensive travel insurance policy for two travelers for worldwide travel will cost only £84.94.Here is the amount of coverage you get with a relatively cheap and comprehensive travel insurance policy that you can apply for even here on our website:

  • Cancellation or Curtailment coverage up to £2.000;*
  • Emergency medical repatriation coverage up to £5.000.000 with dental treatment coverage of up to £200 and hospitalization coverage up to £50 a day and up to £500 in total;• Personal accident, death, loss of limbs or permanent disablement coverage up to £15.000;**
  • Travel delay coverage up to £100 in total, abandonment coverage up to £2.000 in total and missed departure coverage up to £600 in total;
  • Legal expense coverage up to £5.000;
  • Personal possession coverage with coverage for single articles, total valuables, spectacles or delayed baggage – with maximum coverage of £2.500;

* Coverage amount is based per person covered.

**Each type of coverage has a different total amount of coverage.


These are only a part of the entire comprehensive travel insurance package. If you wish to learn more simply click on Get Quotes and use the calculator to get your own quote and check the comprehensive policy.

That amount of coverage is very comprehensive for a policy meant to cover two travelers, but if you wish an even cheaper policy it can be found but obviously it will be less comprehensive.

Also remember before purchasing any travel insurance policy, regardless of cost, you should always choose the amount of medical coverage based on an assessment of your travel medical needs. Also you should try and think carefully the extent of coverage you really need and try not to over-spend on travel insurance.