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Cheap and Comprehensive Travel Insurance

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Most travelers associate a cheap travel insurance policy with a bad policy that will not cover them fully and usually skip over them while searching online for quotes. The truth is that you can find cheap but also good travel insurance policies online. Also if an insurer gives you a good price for a travel policy it does not mean it’s bad, it can mean that you qualified for a good price.

As a European traveler you can choose to purchase different types of insurance coverage depending on the destination of choice, the desired level of coverage and the different types of activities you may undertake during your travel. As such there are different types of insurance like regular, comprehensive, winter sports or many more.


Let’s take for example an insurance policy for European traveler, British or otherwise for a period of 17 days in the US. A comprehensive travel insurance policy for two travelers for worldwide travel will cost only £84.94.Here is the amount of coverage you get with a relatively cheap and comprehensive travel insurance policy that you can apply for even here on our website:

  • Cancellation or Curtailment coverage up to £2.000;*
  • Emergency medical repatriation coverage up to £5.000.000 with dental treatment coverage of up to £200 and hospitalization coverage up to £50 a day and up to £500 in total;• Personal accident, death, loss of limbs or permanent disablement coverage up to £15.000;**
  • Travel delay coverage up to £100 in total, abandonment coverage up to £2.000 in total and missed departure coverage up to £600 in total;
  • Legal expense coverage up to £5.000;
  • Personal possession coverage with coverage for single articles, total valuables, spectacles or delayed baggage – with maximum coverage of £2.500;

* Coverage amount is based per person covered.

**Each type of coverage has a different total amount of coverage.


These are only a part of the entire comprehensive travel insurance package. If you wish to learn more simply click on Get Quotes and use the calculator to get your own quote and check the comprehensive policy.

That amount of coverage is very comprehensive for a policy meant to cover two travelers, but if you wish an even cheaper policy it can be found but obviously it will be less comprehensive.

Also remember before purchasing any travel insurance policy, regardless of cost, you should always choose the amount of medical coverage based on an assessment of your travel medical needs. Also you should try and think carefully the extent of coverage you really need and try not to over-spend on travel insurance.

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