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One Way Travel Insurance


You might have thought that travel insurance can only be purchased for a round trip but that’s not true. There are many insurance providers in the United Kingdom and around the world that can cover you for a one way trip. One way travel insurance is a good way for people leaving the UK for an indefinite period of time or even emigrating to do so in a safe manner.

Travel insurance for one way trips

As the name of this type of policy implies, one way travel insurance will cover the owner of the policy over the period of the trip until he reaches the destination. Once arrived at the final destination the coverage will end. One way travel insurance will cover you until you reach your final destination regardless of the number of stops in between.


There are many types of policies and insurers that offer one way travel insurance so you don’t have to worry about travelling without any coverage. You can also find this type of policy online, so you can book it in advance, and have it by the time you depart on your trip.

One way travel insurance will provide all the coverage you need on your trip, usually providing the exact same amount of coverage as a regular round trip insurance policy. Trip cancellation, medical coverage, baggage loss and all the other usually types of coverage can be found.One way travel insurance is valid for all travelers, of all ages, and usually, kids go free, so you don’t have to worry about high costs if you travel with your entire family. Usually, one way travel insurance policies stop after 24-hours once you have reached the specified destination.

One way travel insurance policies:

Most Australia based insurers will offer their regular insurance policies as one way trip insurance policies so you can benefit from the same level of coverage as you would with a normal policy, but only for an outward trip.

This means you can benefit from special policies such as: business travel insurance, ski insurance, student insurance golf or winter sport insurance as one way policies. Most policies will also include different activities depending on the type of trip you are departing to. Sometimes up to 40 activities may be covered by a one way travel insurance policy.

While one way travel insurance is a convenient way of getting some coverage for a no return trip, there are some conditions that usually go along with one such policy.

Here are some of the conditions of one way trip policies:


  • Coverage is provided only for a single outward trip that starts in the United Kingdom;
  • The policy covers all stops in between the UK and the destination and should extend for a maximum of 8 days, and terminates at the end of a timeframe;
  • One way travel insurance automatically lapses in a 24 hour period once you arrive at the final destination;
  • This type of policy cannot be used for yearlong travels after which the traveler intends to return to the Australia

Finding a good one way travel insurance policy may take up so time and research but you should be able to find one and at a reasonable price. We recommend you find an online insurance comparison site where you can compare different policies from different companies until you find the one that best suits your travel needs.

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